Multi-Family Homes

Are you looking for investment property? Do you want to find an investment opportunity that will pay dividends to you in the long run? Your search is over. You’ve found me, Brian Hannon, The Land Man of Illinois!

I can help you with your 1031 exchange as well! With me as your broker, you can avoid unnecessary, costly capital gains taxes and roll the value of one piece of property into a different property. This saves you more, and allows you to keep on making more, year after year on your real estate investment.

Sound complicated? I can help you through every step of the process!

Please feel free to take a look at some of the multi-family properties I can offer you in the listings below. If you don't see what you are looking for, give me a call so I can find what you are looking for! 

Please contact me, Brian Hannon, directly at 217-202-0920 to talk about your investment needs.    

Listing #09491067
URBANA, IL 61802

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SOLD! - $525,000
Address: 813 Main
Urbana IL



SOLD! - $2,4000,000
Address: 110 E Armory
Champaign, IL


SOLD! - $280,000
Address: 202 S. Hartle,
Urbana, IL 

SOLD! - $1,350,000
Address: 803 S Second & 111 E John
Urbana IL



SOLD! - $11,050,000
Address: 1103 Euclid & 306 Armory
Champaign IL



SOLD! - $260,000
Address: 1418 Lincolnshire,
Champaign, IL



SOLD! - $725,000
Address:  1405-1407 Kirby,
Champaign, IL

For more information about these, or any other listings, please contact me,

Brian Hannon, Broker @ 217-202-0920